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Recent Consecrations & Ordinations

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Below are some ordinations that have taken place at ECC Dayspring.  All of our ministers are interviewed by a Bishop and a police/records check is run on each one.
When a Bishop is appointed in Dayspring, The ECC he or she is first appointed as a Provincial Superintendent.  At that appointment the person is studied for up to a year... maybe longer.  If he or she is found with the qualifications of a Bishop he or she will be consecrated by the Archbishop, the Bishop General, or another Bishop in the field.
Such is the case with the Consecration of Bishop Chike Elendu.  He was Consecrated by Bishop Steven Jones, First Bishop of Accra, (Ghana).  Bishop Elendu's title is "The First Bishop of Port Harcourt" (Nigeria).
Congratulations to those who are CALLED!!!

The Consecration of Bishop-Elect Chike Elendu
He is now Bishop Chike Elendu, First Bishop of Port Harcourt.

The Dressing of the Bishop

Placing of the Mitre


Bishop Steven Jones with
Bishop Chike Elendu, First Bishop of Port Harcourt

The Right Reverend Chike Eleudu
First Bishop of Port Harcourt

Our new Dayspring Bishop with Dayspring Ministers

Our New Bishop with family and friends

Jean-Pierre Kabeya was received by transfer of
Credentials. He was interviewed by Bishop General Emeritus Dr. Steward Van Pier.

Patricia Dunsha was ordained by Bishop General
Emeritus Dr. Stewart Van Pier. The Piers traveled to Patricia's home and performed the ceremony