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Bishops Meet

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Dr. Barkman has been busy preparing for General Conference and meeting with various members of DMI and AACT.
Below are Pictures of planning with Bishop Kilgore to prepare for Praise and Worship at the Conference, Pictures of Archbishop Barkman receiving a new robe as a gift from Rev. Kilgore, and finally a picture of four members of Dayspring ECC in a recent gathering.
The persons in the last picture are from left to right; Archbishop Barkman, Bishop Darden, Bishop Kilgore, Bishop Sanchez.

Dr. Barkman & Rev. Kilgore
work on plans for the Conference 2005 Praise & worship


Rev. Kilgore presents Dr. Barkman
with a new robe... which wil lbe worn at Conference


Bishop Darden sits at the Archbishops Desk
to conduct some Kingdom business

During the recent visit, April 2005, Bishop Darden
Poses with Bishop Leo Dale 'Ben' Hur and wife Sarah Margaret

From left to right; Archbishop Barkman,
and Bishops Dardin, Kilgore, & Sanchez